Jon Mackey

Jon Mackey is a comedian and filmmaker hailing from Los Angeles, CA (Hollywood, baby!).  He cut his teeth writing and performing sketch comedy with his sketch group, Big Grande, and doing improv at the UCB Theater with the house team, Winslow.  He's been directing comedy videos professionally for like 6 or 7 years or something, and currently mostly works in BRANDED DIGITAL CONTENT, but he fucking hates that shit and wishes he'd never have to hear the question "can we turn the label more toward camera?" again.  

He's directed a bunch of short films, including one he produced, wrote, starred in, and edited called COUCH, and he and Jon Millstein's previous short film, Learning to Walk.  He also directed a sketch comedy pilot for Big Grande in 2015 (, and he produced, directed, and edited a micro-budget feature film called Lane Woods Finds Love in 2016 (

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Jon Millstein

Jon Millstein is a comedy writer and director who was staffed at Funny Or Die and the YouTube Red sitcom Rhett and Link’s Buddy System. At FOD, he wrote more than 50 videos, garnering 9 million+ views across platforms and working with celebrities like Robert Deniro and Zac Efron. He contributed to Clickhole and writes and performs at the UCB-LA. He’s written and directed content for companies like Comedy Central, Team Coco, Jash, and more. He’s represented at Artist’s First Entertainment.

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